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The LearningWorks logo is based on an ancient symbol, the Sri Yantra, that represents the combining of energies driving the creative process.

"In Hinduism and Budhism, a yantra is any graphic design intended for meditation, to teach spiritual doctrines by way of the design's composition. Like a mandala, the yantra is used to focus the mind....
The Sri Yantra is called 'form in expansion', a mystical representation of the creative process."
— The Women's Encyclopedia of Signs and Symbols

"The best known is the Shri Yantra, consisting primarily of artfully arranged triangles, some pointing up and some down in reference to a philosopical DUALITY; they are encircled by rings of LOTUS leaves within an extended quadratic structure. This yantra is believed to facilitate meditation upon the unity that transcends the polarity of opposites and thus to lead to a feeling of personal empowerment in the face of temporary conflicts."
— Dictionary of Symbolism: Culural Icons and the Meanings behind them

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