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In our evolution as a company of women, the principals of LearningWorks have always attempted to model the kind of organization that is true to the principles of our educational sessions. This means we work on projects and choose a methodology that is harmonious with our values. We don't lecture to clients and we value experience from all the diverse backgrounds in our own staff and client base. No one kind of work is more valuable than another. All views and creativity are taken into consideration.

We are informal yet efficient. We are conservative in our spending so we can be generous with our time. Mutual exchange, questioning, discussion and support are a part of our culture. We hold an annual retreat to have fun, learn about our wishes and challenges for the next year and rejuvenate. We value our time together. Our passion is to learn, to teach and to help others live and work in balance with their goals, their environment and their communities.

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respect, justice, fairness, curiosity, creativity, fun


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