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Creating a Respectful Workplace

We have been delivering employee harassment awareness workshops for many years. In the evaluations, participants consistently told us the greatest learning came from hearing their co-workers' opinions about workplace interactions. We decided to design a workshop that went beyond the human rights protected categories and examined the workplace through the lens of respectful and disrespectful behaviours. Using interactive exercises, this workshop provides a framework within which to review definitions and complaint avenues of harassment, define workplace culture and encourage participants to make a commitment towards creating a more respectful working environment.

This workshop may be useful when:

  • you have already provided harassment awareness workshops for your employees and want to review that education and take the discussion a little deeper
  • you haven’t offered harassment awareness education and you want to do that from a broader perspective
  • you have identified problem behaviours within a work group and want to encourage changes in the workplace culture
  • you want to encourage team building and leadership


Power in the Workplace

Another facet of workplace dynamics that has fascinated us for years is the role power plays in interpersonal interactions. The root cause of a lot of workplace problems is the abuse of power, whether from those in traditional positions of power or from those who possess power because of knowledge, experience, popularity or physical strength. Conflict, harassment, bullying and general workplace dissatisfaction are the symptoms of this problem, symptoms which take inordinate amounts of time and money to address.

Some of the questions we explore in this workshop are: In what ways do you have power? Who has the most power in your workplace? How do they exercise this power? How do those with less power deal with the power imbalance? What can you do to ensure that you do not abuse your power? What can you do to ensure those with the most power do not abuse their power?

This workshop may be useful when:
  • there have been ongoing problems with a work group
  • you want to take an honest look at ways to improve the functioning of a team or work group
  • you want to be proactive in creating a healthy work culture
  • you want to encourage leadership
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