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Respectful Workplace and Human Rights Issues

LearningWorks has many years experience in the fields of human rights and workplace dynamics. We offer a spectrum of workshops in this area.

Harassment Awareness for Employees

These workshops are two-to-three hours in length and are designed to be interactive with lots of opportunities for participants to talk about the human-behaviour aspect of harassment. The content includes the definition of harassment, employer liability, complaint avenues and the remedies associated with each of the avenues.

Harassment Awareness for Managers

This four-to-five hour workshop is aimed at those in a managerial or supervisory role. In addition to the employee workshop content, we examine the role of the manager as well as precedent-setting and recent human rights case law.


Respectful Workplace

This workshop broadens the discussion of workplace culture and dynamics beyond human rights issues yet includes a review of the definitions of harassment, bullying and other inappropriate behaviours that may be defined in employer policies.

Duty to Accommodate

This workshop usually runs one day for those people in your organization who are responsible for dealing with accommodation requests. In addition to case law review, we outline a step-by-step accommodation process which takes into account a detailed description of undue hardship.

It is possible to reduce the time devoted to this subject for those who want an understanding of the nature of accommodation but would play only a small role in the process itself.

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