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How to write a policy to prevent harassment

How to write a policy to prevent Harassment

A sample from the manual

Manual sample Section one. [7pp, 123 KB]

This pdf file contains the Table of Contents and Section 1: Legal obligations for employers and employees.

You wil need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to read the pdf file.

A manual written by Louise Pohl.
Price: $25.95. Contact us to order.

Who will benefit from this manual

This manual is written for those of you who run small businesses or non-profit organizations and want to meet your legal obligations to provide an environment free from harassment and discrimination.

The maunal will:

  • clarify your responsibilities as an employer;

  • help you design a harassment policy;

  • outline some preventative measures to assist in developing workplace harmony;

  • give you some ideas on how to educate your employees and/or volunteers about your policy.
As small business owners and managers of not-for-profit organizations, you are just as liable as corporations or public-sector employers for any harassment that occurs in your workplaces. Regardless of the size of an organization, all employees have a right to work or volunteer in a respectful, harassment-free environment. This manual does not cover how to investigate a harassment complaint. So, if one of your employees does file a harassment complaint under your policy and you do not have people in your organization who are trained to conduct investigations, you may want to hire an external investigator. The human rights agency in your province may be able to help you.

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