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  • Summer 2004 [pdf, 2pp, 55KB]
    Feature article:
    Dazed and Confused, by Louise Pohl
  • Spring 2004 [pdf, 3pp, 27KB]
    Feature article:
    Working Opposite the General Trends,
    by Betty Baxter
  • Winter 2003 [pdf, 3pp 27KB]
    Feature article:
    Leadership Yoga, by Anastasia Humenuk.
  • Fall 2003 [pdf, 3pp 27KB]
    Feature article:
    The Role of the Witness in Resolving Conflict.
  • Summer 2003 [pdf, 4pp 28KB]
    Feature article:
    Minimizing Workplace Harassment, Discrimination, and Violence:
    Defiinitions, Recent Case Law, Prevention, and Policy Development
  • Spring 2003. [pdf, 4pp 31KB]
    Feature article:
    Harassment or conflict? That is the question. - LearningWorks.
    Find out about new LearningWorks workshops!
  • Valentine's Day 2003. [pdf, 2pp, 21KB]
    Special edition of the newsletter with a review of Bridging Troubled Waters: Conflict Resolution from the Heart (Michelle LeBaron), by Jane Roberts.
  • Winter 2002. [pdf, 3pp, 38KB]
    Feature article:
    How Emotional Competence Can Make a Difference. Comments on an article by Maureen Fitzgerald in PeopleTalk, Summer 2002
  • Fall 2002. [pdf, 4pp, 63KB]
    The Princess and the Pea, by Gerry Parker
    Human Rights Updates and Concerns
  • Summer 2002. [pdf, 4pp, 70KB]
    Feature article:
    Healthy, Productive Workplaces

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