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At LearningWorks, we consider client relationship and creative solutions to be the two most important underlying factors in our work.

Client Relationship

Building a strong and trusting relationship with our clients is at the heart of how LearningWorks does business. This is reflected in the fact that we get the majority of our work from repeat business and client referrals. See our CLIENT LIST.

Creative Solutions

When we meet with clients, we are always looking for the best possible solution for their situation. Sometimes our off-the-shelf workshop is the right fit. More often, we adapt our materials to match content or time considerations. We are also able to design a new workshop altogether. Our facilitators and designers are skilled at creating the appropriate environment and challenging exercises to enable each participant to explore options and find both creative and viable solutions.

Educational philosophy

We believe change can only happen when each individual participates in and owns part of the solution. All our sessions are highly interactive, fun and start with what participants already know and where they are willing to explore new directions. New information is then linked to previous experience so that strategies for change are built on realistic expectations. See the SPIRAL MODEL.

Education and change are about growth. This process involves both pain and pleasure. In a positive and safe environment, people can learn together and make new meaning out of the problems before them.

Contact us

What you can expect from us

· confidentiality
· trust
· respect
· compassion and sensitivity
· clear lines of communication
· the benefit of our experience
· a solution that meets your needs
· follow-through

When you call us regarding a project, we will...

ask a lot of questions such as:
  What is important for your
  What works well in your organization?
  What are the challenges?
  What do you want to change?
  How can we help?

share our experience with similar issues

work with you to find a creative solution to your request

go out of our way to accommodate your situation

clarify who is responsible for what tasks

If it's a workshop or strategic planning you are looking for, we will...

clarify what you want

consult with you and select workshop participants during the design phase

ensure that the logistics are taken care of

build some type of follow up into the project


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